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What is EMDR Therapy?

EMDR helps you heal from the past so you can grow into the future. 

Your past lives inside of you.

Logically, you know this. You've done enough self-reflecting, watched enough Ted Lasso, and read enough dystopian fantasy to understand that personal history impacts present-day responses. 

Frustratingly, your self-awareness doesn't seem to be helping, and you find yourself repeating unhelpful behaviors over and over again.

  • Maybe you keep dating the same type of person even though you always end up feeling hurt and abandoned

  • Perhaps you spiral into self-loathing and anger any time someone gives you feedback even though you get that they're just trying to help

  • Or you find yourself getting really reactive around certain people in your life, losing your temper and saying things you regret

  • You have a vague sense of unease about yourself and often think "something must be wrong with me" 

There's a difference between understanding something logically and healing deeply. 

If you find yourself stuck on repeat it's likely that old stuff—something unresolved in your past—still has it's hooks in you. 

Our history gets stored in our body. It's like a bad electrician came into your house and mis-wired everything. You get an unexpected shock every time you turn on your bathroom light, and the switch that's supposed to start the ceiling fan runs the garbage disposal instead. Past experiences stored in the body work similarly—you're always encountering them in unexpected and uncomfortable ways. 

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, and is a path to deep healing. 

EMDR therapy helps you tap into your internal skilled electrician. Using EMDR to work through old pain means that you stop getting shocked by the light switch and that the fan turns on as intended. EMDR also helps you connect with reserves of wisdom you didn't even know you had. 

Working through past difficulties with EMDR in therapy will help you:

  • Tap in to previously unrecognized inner strengths

  • Have a better understanding of what it is from the past that is getting activated in the present

  • Soften or shift the intensity of painful memories

  • Experience less reactivity when something happens that reminds your system of old stuff

Ready to use EMDR therapy to move through the places inside of you that are feeling stuck?

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