Therapy for Self-Confidence:
Learn to Like Yourself

When you're caught in the low-confidence trap...

  • You look in the mirror and don’t see anything you like.
  • People praise you for your accomplishments but you don’t believe them…you might even get angry with them. Inside you think “if only they knew the REAL me.”
  • You make endless to-do lists and get upset with yourself when you're unable to cross off every item. Even if you do manage to get through everything on your list you just add more…and the cycle starts all over again. 
  • When you're not making lists you find yourself procrastinating, and call yourself lazy and unmotivated.
  • You tell yourself you’ll feel confident and happy “if only”—“If only I get the right job, ski the hardest line, date the right person, have the right routine…then I’ll feel better about myself.”

Lack of confidence, low self-worth, and an accomplishment-based sense of self are incredibly isolating. You don't have to be alone in your pain anymore. Schedule a call today to get some help. 

Accomplishment ⧣ Worth

Most of us were taught early and often that our worth as a person is based on what we accomplish or achieve. 

As a result we get caught in a self-worth trap of doing more in an attempt to feel more confident and then feeling anxious, discouraged, frustrated, and stuck when doing more doesn’t make us feel any better.

This way of being in the world leaves you disconnected from yourself and others, and feeling stuck, disengaged, dissatisfied, and detached.

There is another way. 

  • Imagine feeling better about your life and yourself. 

  • Imagine skiing the line for the joy of it, not because you have something to prove.

  • Imagine doubting yourself less and listening to and trusting yourself more. 

  • Imagine feeling more balanced, more intentional, and more present.

Just by being here, you’ve already started moving towards liking yourself and your life. Take the next step; reach out today.