Therapy for Anxiety:
Find more Ease

Anxiety is a dead-end maze full of "what ifs." 

Feeling uncertain about the future. Worrying constantly and waiting for the other shoe to drop. Exhausting yourself with overthinking. Feeling restless, on edge, tense, and sick to your stomach. 

It's anxiety, and it feels awful. 

Anxiety is a mental and emotional state characterized by excessive and difficult-to-control worry, restlessness or feeling on edge, getting worn out and tired easily, difficulty concentrating, irritability, muscle tension, and sleep issues.

Anxiety is the bedfellow shaking you awake at 2 AM insisting NOW is a good time to think through everything that went wrong during day and everything that COULD go wrong tomorrow.

All those worried, ruminative thoughts accompanying anxiety keep you constantly in your head, spinning out over anything and everything.

When you’re in your head it’s hard to be in your life. 

The constant static of anxiety leaves you disconnected which in turn impacts your relationships, your work, your sense of self, and your connection to the here and now.

Therapy for anxiety helps you learn to work with your anxious mind in a different way so you can get out of the maze and get back to living. 

"Why Do I Feel So Anxious?"

Anxiety is like a radio constantly playing at high volume. 

All humans have busy, chattering minds. Our minds are thought-generating machines, a trait that can be wildly helpful in many situations.

But with anxiety, it's almost impossible to differentiate the unhelpful radio content from the helpful radio all sounds the same. 

Like an hourly news segment the anxious mind loves to repeat itself, running through the same thoughts over and over. 

And if you experience anxiety, you know it’s a storyteller of worst-case scenarios, narrating tales of impending doom overshadowing the present moment.

Anxiety is protective.

One of the jobs of our human mind is to protect us from future pain.

This works well when the potential pain is exterior, such as the mind thinking "I should look both ways before I cross the street." 

Unfortunately, this protective feature doesn't work as well when it comes to the emotional pain of being human; the pain existing on our insides. 

In its quest to shield us from feelings of fear, worry, and uncertainty, the mind goes into overdrive, laying out all the possible scenarios and the awful things that might happen.

This is anxiety in a nutshell—a normal, natural function of our brain, only turned up to eleven. 

You and Anxiety Need Some Space

Therapy for anxiety can help.

If anxiety has been in your personal bubble for a long time, you know it’s time to get some space. 

You can't keep wandering the dead-end maze, and you're tired of the radio blasting full volume in your head.

Changing your relationship with fear, panic, and worry through anxiety-focused therapy allows you to prioritize your needs, your wants, and your desired life. Anxiety doesn't get to boss you around anymore. 

Therapy is a powerful and effective tool in getting to know your anxiety and how to work with it. 

Breaking up with anxiety requires learning new skills.

While anxiety has somatic and emotional manifestations, it is rooted in the human mind. 

In therapy focused on anxiety, we'll prioritize learning how to work with thoughts in a new way. Instead of wasting energy arguing or battling your anxious thoughts, you'll learn techniques that will allow you more breathing room when your mind inevitably gets busy. 

Body-focused and present-moment awareness skills will help begin to shift your reaction to anxiety when it shows up. You'll learn to ride the wave of anxiety and its related emotions of fear, panic, sorrow, grief, and shame. 

If specific fears are limiting your life, we'll work on gently approaching those fears, building your sit-with-uncomfortable-feelings muscles in a gentle and sustainable way.

And, if your particular flavor of anxiety has its roots in trauma or attachment wounding, therapy for anxiety can help you heal from the past so you can focus on the important stuff in the present. 

Anxiety therapy with me provides a safe space for exploration and growth, equipping you with the tools and support needed to manage anxiety effectively and improve your overall well-being.